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Wenhui company is composed of Jiangsu Wenhui Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd, Wuxi Wenhui Machinery Co.,Ltd and Jiangsu Wenhui Wind Power Techonology Co., Ltd . The company is located in luoshe town, huishan district, Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province,covers an area of 190,000 square meters. There’re 320 workers , 1145 have professionals and senior professional titles that accounts for 45% of all. About 40 welders are qualified by Moody International AWS certification and EN international certification.

Jiangsu Wenhui Steel Engineering Co.,Ltd. was established in 1997. The company is combined with steel structure research 、design、manufacture、installation about factory building、power plant project、bridge construction、high-rise building、petrochemical project and manufacture、crane installation . The company has qualification in Steel Structure Engineering Two-Level issued by Department of Construction of Jiangsu Province and Manufacture License of 75T and below 75T bridge crane ; Manufacture License of 50T and below 50T tonnage (lifting molten metal) bridge crane、 gantry crane which is issued by Technology Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Province. The company advocates scientific engineering management, experienced perfect quality system and certified of GB/T19001-2000 quality management system in 2001. The company has developed equipment component manufacture which has high requirements of welding in recent years, and certified of ISO3834-2 on April of 2011. So the company has entry qualification to export welding product to European. Steel structure products of the company abide scrupulously by principle “quality supreme, customer first” for many years, so get good reputation and approval from customers. The company is awarded titles “Outstanding Enterprise of Wuxi City”,” Best Enterprise of Jiangsu province construction business ”,”No complaints standardize enterprise of Jiangsu province”,”Quality security benefits top ten civilized construction enterprise”by Wuxi construction bureau,Wuxi Building Society, Jiangsu Building Society.

Wuxi Wenhui Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and certified of ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification in 2008. The company is mainly engaged in machining processing of wind power components, nuclear power, ocean drill parts, gearbox housing, metallurgy machinery parts and bridge parts.

Jiangsu Wenhui Wind Power Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with the great financial support of Jiangsu Wenhui Steel Engineering Co., Ltd. , and is mainly dealing with R&D and designing of wind power technology; wind power generator sets and components, blade mould manufacturing and processing etc. The company will focus on processing of wind power components and gradually develop to component installation and power unit production as its vision.

Wenhui company through nearly three years industrial adjustment and now set up multiple sales architecture based on manufacture of power plant steel structure, wind power base and casting, blade mould manufacturing and engineering machinery as supplementary. Main bussiness of sails in recent years is power plant steel structure of Huaguang Boiler Stock Co.,Ltd and Dongfang Electric; Wind power base of Denmark Vestas; Engineering machinery business of American Atlas and Swedish Sandvik , blade mould manufacturing of domestic wind turbine the whole machine assembly business .

Wenhui company keep the promise to win the market by quality, promotes own enterprise image unceasingly in the development. The company has invested a lot of money for purchasing large-scale processing equipments to develop heavy machinery processing projects with high value-added.The company has a variety of machining and inspection equipments from U.S., Germany, Japan , such as Germany Wenzel Coordinate Measuring Machine (2500*3000*6000mm), NISSIN BP130 boring machine, Mitsubishi MVR40 and MVR45 machining center, Spanish Soraluce boring machining center, ground boring and milling center (TK6926/300×60)from Qiqihaer No.2 Heavy Machine Factory, XKC5665×250 CNC Gantry Milling Center from largest production plants in Wuhan Heavy Machine Tool Company……. Wenhui focus on fabricate and machine major structural parts of 1.5MW~3MW wind power equipment, such as base , rear foundation, mechanical equipment and so on. Wenhui company has large production processing advantage among the same industry at home.

Wenhui company carries out the management philosophy“ quality first,credit standing paramountcy” consistently. It keeps obtaining a benefit from customer satisfaction.The company improves product quality ,strengthens awareness of excellent works and develops enterprise competitiveness constantly. Wenhui company has set up steady relation of the supply with a good many clients at home and abroad successfully relies on overhard technical strength and efficient quality control. Main clients included Denmark Vestas, Atlas, Sweden Sandvik, Japan Steel Works Ltd., Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., India Suzlon, XEMC Windpower, Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Turbine, Goldwind Science&Technology, Sanyi Windpower, Shanghai FRP Research Institute, Shandong Century Energy and so on. The company supplies products included wind power generator base, hub, nacelle, large scale blade mould, mechanical structure of heavy duty project. Wenhui company will make efforts to improve research and development ability in order to gain more market share in different business area.

Faced with increasingly severe market competition environment and sharp rise in labor cost and material cost, Wenhui company deeply realized that the key to the development of enterprise is how to improve their core competitiveness. The company generated rational development strategy”Hard Skills, Stabilize Staff, Quality is the first ”, and strive to change the product type to equipment structure with high value-added in three or five years, improve erterprise management and assets excellence rate, work together to reach the goal that the company listing successfully .

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