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China Steel Structure Association, Committee of Experts Symposium held
Publishers:admin  Published on:2011-11-15 15:35:40  Hits:2984
Recently, the Expert Committee of China Steel Structure Association, organized by the four Bureau of China Railway Group Ltd. 2009-2011 steel company to undertake the work of the Conference and Symposium was held in Hefei. The meeting summarized the work of the Committee of Experts over the past two years and future plans, while focusing on the current international and domestic steel construction technology and design specifications to start academic exchange. The work conference and academic exchanges, there were from provinces and municipalities, research units, institutions and more than 100 famous domestic steel industry, experts and scholars attended.
       In recent years, with a green, environmentally friendly, earthquake, power-saving features of new residential steel is also attached great importance to countries in the world. In order to better play the role of leading industry experts, the exchange will work conference and the development of China's steel industry, a summary of the history, and to explore future development and planning. Expert Committee of China Steel Structure Association, Zhao Xin-designate made a work report to the General Assembly, experts listened carefully to the report, report on the work report to the enthusiastic applause. The General Assembly also to the development of China's steel industry means members made outstanding contributions to the "Lifetime Achievement Award." According to the experts committee charters, granted to the age of 80-year-old expert "Lifetime Achievement Award." The meeting has two qualified experts and award, they were Professor Li Shaofu, Dong Shi Academy scales, two experts expressed acceptance speech, the experts with enthusiastic applause to congratulate the old award-winning experts. I wish good health experts for the Chinese steel industry has made a greater contribution.
      The work conference and academic exchanges will carefully selected six papers for the Conference of the exchange, both of these papers on the development prospects of China's steel industry analysis, have the precision of a specific project analysis, the experts listened carefully to paper exchange, and took the floor for questions and discussion.
      The experts also visited four innings by the China Steel Structure Co., Ltd. Railway construction of the span of the largest domestic stabling, bevel angle of the minimum, maximum height of Hefei railway hub KSL flexible steel truss arch construction site.
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